The Feurich International Piano, Vocal and Chamber Music Competition offers young artists from all over the world a platform from which to present their talents in the heart of Vienna - a city renowned the world over for its rich musical heritage. The competition provides an inspirational and communicative atmosphere perfect for making new contacts and networking. A stage where your musical personality can shine - the Feurich Competition offers a professional and fresh approach which will inspire performers and listeners alike.

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Important Information

Registration Deadline & Age Categories

Round 1: Registration Deadline for the Competition, including submission of Video Recording: 5th June 2016
Round 2: Performances by the various age groups: 9th - 11th July 2016

Permitted Age: from 6 to 23 years old

Age Groups and Playing Times:

A: 6-8 years (3-5 minutes)
B: 9-12 years (5-8 minutes)
C: 13-15 years (8-12 minutes)
D: 16-18 years (12-15 minutes)
E: 19-23 years (15-20 minutes)


The Competition


For all the age groups in the categories “Solo Piano”, “Chamber Music”, and “Vocals”, prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Prize: from 90 to 100 Points - Certificate and Trophy
2nd Prize: from 80 to 89 Points - Certificate and Trophy
3rd Prize: from 70 to 79 Points - Certificate and Trophy

Deadlines must be strictly adhered to. The winner selected by the jury will receive invitations to perform in 2016/2017 in the following European concert halls: "Nordic Piano Hall" in Copenhagen, Denmark and "Kaisersaal" in Vienna, Austria. In addition to the main prizes, participants in the final round will be given special mention for exceptional performance in various other categories. For example, the "Joe Zawinul Preis" will be awarded for the best Jazz performance; the "Feurich International Prize" for the best concert performance; the "Junior Prize” and the "Creative Prize” etc.


A Competition for Everyone

Children and youths between the age of 6 and 23 years old are allowed to participate. This applies to both amateurs and professionals. One important restriction in the “Chamber Music” category is that the pieces chosen must highlight the piano part, at least as much as the other instruments i.e. a piece which is simply a piano accompaniment is not allowed.

Tradition & Innovation

Feurich combines tradition and innovation - that’s why the first three prize winners will not only be awarded in the traditional manner, but will also be given credit for creativity and passion. Invitations to perform in concert venues will also be on awarded and performers who excel in these departments will be given special mention.



Vladimir Kharin

Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts, in Vienna. Director of the programme for highly gifted students.

Joe Meixner

Croatia/Austria - International Concert and Jazz Pianist, Composer

Christian Kliber

Classical Pianist and Pedagogue - Royal Danish Academy of Music

Supporting Programme


Before the competition begins, various workshops, masterclasses and tours will be available, from the 4th to the 8th July 2016. Details on registration, the programme and content of each course can be found at

Cultural Programme

During your stay in Vienna, we offer a special cultural programme to every participant and their companion: a city tour, “Vienna - City of Music”, “Vienna State Opera House - behind the scenes”, the “Haydn House” and the famous “Hofburg Music Instrument Collection”. All tours can be booked for an additional fee. Details and prices can be found at: under “Excursions", "Fee" and “Registration".

Be part of the competition!

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